Change in format. Who wants more fun on the blog?

I've got so much to share with you guys, and I ration it, give it to you a bite at a time every now and then, because I'm afraid to overwhelm my most loyal readers with too much. But every day I read blogs that are updated two or three times per day, sometimes more, and I'm not overwhelmed by it, so why would I assume that you would be? Why am I always holding myself back, not just with this, but in all areas of my life? I should give people a chance to like the real me without censoring and pre-filtering every single piece.

Daily I read blogs posted by JD, Olivia Munn, and Common, most of which have little to do with their professional careers, but they're interesting because they feature things that they like... And to top it off, I wouldn't put Jermaine or Common on my list of top favorite celebs, yet I read those blogs daily because I like what they share. (Olivia does make my list of faves. I'd follow her no matter what she posted. She just rocks. Sorry guys.)

If they were only posting things about their careers, I may not be a subscriber. I stick around because I know that JD shows off all his fave ultra-expensive tech gear, cars, and clothing. (Why do I like this when I cannot afford it? Who knows. But it's fun.) I stay subscribed to Common's blog because the dude's taste in furniture blows my mind. I want to buy every piece of furniture he's ever posted. Can't afford that either, but damn do I enjoy looking at it.

But anyway, every day when I read their blogs, I wish that I had the kind of relationship with my readers where I could also share two or three things per day and not have anybody say, "Whoa, that's way too much, I'm outta here." I want the kind of relationship where most of you say, "I can't wait for Kelley's next blog post." (Close friends and family are excluded from that wish because you get too much of me already! You have permission to be tired of me. Haha...)

The bottom line is that I'm going to start sharing things that resonate with me, without checking my radar to see if I think you guys would like it too. If you're here, then I assume you want to know me better, so I'm going to flood the blog with my passions and my inspirations as usual, but also include all the fun stuff that I've been skipping in order to look "professional." Screw professional. Blogs are supposed to be fun. :) And this one is supposed to be about me. Not just the poetry, not just the music, but ME.

So let's give it a try... feedback appreciated as we go!


P.S. for mailing list subscribers... I will be changing the settings so that you don't get an individual email each time I post. They'll come through once daily with anything that was added on that particular day. Sound OK to you? If not, just say the word...

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