Needed as We Are... a new poem about the meaning of life as I see it

This one came to me quickly tonight after reading a few of Jim Morrison's poems. I can never be lazy when I witness the results of unrestrained creativity--I'm always forced to sit down and let the words flow in the wake of it.

My personal vision of what we're put on this earth for is buried somewhere in these words. Feel free to comment and share your own opinions on the meaning of life, analyze and dissect the lines of this poem, or just read it and find your own meaning...

Needed as We Are

Through the liquid orb
the tiniest word
is magnified
one hundredfold,
yet the meaning
becomes less clear
without context.

A heavy focus,
an intent grasp
on longings,
20/20 clarity
on the hidden
worlds of you,
but near blind
on the public
worlds of me.

I am gifted and robbed,
talented and handicapped,
conceived and killed.
All at the same time,
in the same breath,
in the same space.

Simulcast across the waves,
a sunrise can only reach so far.
But this is live within us all
24 hours, on demand, streaming.
Sleep or wake to the tunes
of young or old voices
on magnetic or wax devices.
Authenticity returning
on inauthentic roads.
It matters not which path it takes,
only that it gets there.

And the protagonist is glad
to be alive in a time
when curative words are
a required balm
for old third-degree burns
that never healed
and never will.

To be needed
as we are,
to know our role
and to fill it,
is in itself
the reason
and the meaning
that we seek.

photo credit: billionstrang via flickr

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