Caution: Wet Paint! Notice the new paint job around here?

Notice the new layout? Do you like it? I was beginning to feel bad about the barrage of ads that hit you from left and right when you entered the site (look, no more ads!)... and the layout in general was beginning to feel stale to me. This is something new and fresh that I hope you will really enjoy.

I'm going 21st century with it too--see the and digg links? The link to subscribe via RSS feed? How about the twitter badge? Plus the new GrandCentral "call me" button and the "best of" blog posts list. Oh yeah, and the socialvibe button that I had to stick allll the way at the bottom of each page. It was just too wide. Maybe they'll make a skinnier one soon. I hope so. :) (Note to socialvibe designers: Get on it!) Am I missing anything? You techies can let me know and I'll add whatever it is ASAP.

But anyway I hope you love all the changes, the fresh color scheme ("fresh" seems to be the word of the week!), and especially all the new poetry, lyrics, and music that are coming your way! It's been fun to post without inhibition, holding nothing back. Sometimes we are afraid to share whatever art is in our souls, but if we don't put it out into the light, we'll never know who might be touched by it. I've had more hits on the blog in the last month than ever before, and I want to thank each and every one of you for that! You don't even know how much it means to me.

If you are familiar with digg and, please check out those links for me and make sure they're working OK! You can comment me below or email me at and let me know, and I'll owe you one! Thanks in advance to whoever takes the job, haha. Have a good one!

I'm moving the mailing list to FeedBlitz... Make sure you are along for the ride!

Fresh Poetry: Nobody Abandoned Me