Missing the key

I haven't been a very good blogger, have I? So many times I sit down to write, and I just scrap it because it feels inauthentic. I feel like I've been writing through a veil. Maybe my inner censor or my inner critic has me paralyzed.

I'm still planning the work and working the plan, but so much of the puzzle still falls off the table every day. I can focus like a laser but when it comes to balancing things, I don't know how to make it happen.

Last month I was excellent with work and making time for my relationship. This month I'm decent with work but failing miserably at making time for love. And though I've been writing lyrics and poems as always, I haven't made any time to do anything with them.

I get overwhelmed when I should be energized and excited. Why do I do that? How do you guys handle all the things that your lives are comprised of? I consistently feel like I'm missing the key.

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