The end of the beginnings

Today I officially began my war on procrastination. I believe my habit of constantly putting things off stems from the emotional discomfort I feel when I finish something. I have never known how to end things. Beginning things, sure. Planning, I'm an expert. But finishing? The perfectionist in me is never happy with anything, or never completely satisfied, and so nothing I begin ever gets finished.

I also started doing deep breathing exercises, or vital breathing as Tony Robbins calls them. I struggle with having enough energy to get through a day's work, and this is supposed to make a huge difference. (Should help the ol' lungs for singing too!) I know I also need to tackle my sleep issues, and I'm working on that. I take one step back with every step forward though. It's hard.

I know this is going to take a long while to conquer, but when I get these things out of the way I'll be able to take care of the really important things, like saving enough money instead of using it all to pay bills, making music, getting really healthy... All things that are important to me but that I put off over and over again.

I'm committing to daily blog updates here and now, at least through March. If it feels like overkill I'll pull it back to every other day. But really, my writing muscles need the workout, and I just miss talking to you guys. We've got the daily thing going on via Twitter, but I know there are a lot of you who just aren't interested in that, and this right here is and always will be the home base.

Well... I've got a couple more hours of work to do tonight and then I will get those much-needed Zzz's... I hope all of you are taking good care of yourselves, and most of all I hope you're all safe, considering all the earthquakes and storms that are rocking our planet right now. Love you as always, grateful for your support, and working hard behind the scenes on something very special for you...

Xoxo Kelley

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