Poetry: While She Sleeps

I present this one with no explanation, and leave it open to interpretation. In a while I'll break it down for you in a new blog post, but before I do... can anybody who has been reading me for a while tell me what this poem is about?

Photo: Dare Darlington/Flickr

Photo: Dare Darlington/Flickr

While She Sleeps

I can dance down here among the leaves,
dart in between the sun-scorched blades
some distance from the sea.

She'll never see me.

I can make a haven from sticks and string,
sewn with seashells and cranberries
like jewels on a rich canopy.

Here I dream safely.

Tucked in the brush I am unseen,
while I turn fantasies into master plans
to lead the rest to harmony.

Someone must believe.

I can dance here on the crumpled leaves,
dart in between the broken blades
too close to stormy seas.

And I will succeed
while the giant sleeps.
I'll defy her wishes for me.

Missing the key

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