Putting some heart into it

I was going through some of my gramma's old cards and letters today, and I had some thoughts. I'm often so bitter about the fact that people just don't care about each other like they used to. The connections that were once so strong have died.

I should note that these are not my connections to mend. But I see everyone growing older and more alone. And it really saddens me.

I may not be able to control that, but it's in my hands to forge those kinds of connections with MY loved ones right now. I can one day raise my kids to care about other people and to keep their own strong connections. To never judge each other and backstab like so many in my family have done.

Having said that... The world has changed, but so have I. "They" are not the only cold and bitter ones. I am cold and bitter too. But I have a vision and a purpose. I have love in my heart and I want things to be better.

Today I put in some elbow grease to make our home feel more like the love nest that it was a little less than a year ago for Lisa and I. I've come a long way with organization, but I can still mess up a house like no other! ;-) So I put some heart into it.

There's a bottle of champagne on ice right now, and in just a little bit we will be relaxing in our clean and candle lit bedroom watching The Twilight Zone! (Which is something that was actually quite instrumental in bringing us back together!) We haven't made time for a night like this in so long.

THIS is what life is about. It's about love. It's got nothing to do with the stress and headaches of trying to live up to someone's expectations. I was raised to value other people's opinions too damn much, and I am exhausted from the endless to-do lists and the pot of gold that's never at the end of these rainbows. I've been chasing nothing. There's no substance in their approval.

Look at what I have here. It's a beautiful thing. A genuine partnership between two souls. So few really have this. To not appreciate it is a crime. And we will still be cherishing this (though in a different home!) when this blog post is fifty years old. I'm calling off the pressure. They can't pressure me unless I allow them to. I hereby submit to the comfy coziness of this night! :-) And I hope you do the same. Goodnight!

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