New Poetry: The Same Waters

Speaking of new creativity where I was once blocked... of being full of life where I was previously asleep at the wheel... of being inspired and grateful where I was once angry and bitter... and of having a new perspective on an old life... Here is a new poem I wrote five days ago that completely fits that theme. Enjoy, and please comment if you do (if you don't have a Google account just click anonymous and it'll work for you)!

* * *

The Same Waters

               I can see your sparks ignite, flare, and fade.
          Golden like September leaves, promise rings,
     and the unfiltered sun that once burned me.

It now gently warms me, reminding me
     of words on paper now incinerated.
          I was never quite destroyed
although the pages
                  went up in flames.

               It would take much more
          and still I would breathe,
     albeit quietly.

I was built for the blasts
     of nature's winds so angry.
          Though it's never quite easy,
         it's what's meant to be.

               So much older and a little wiser.
          Even so, I jump the clouds
     and skate on lightning bolts,
looking for that next high
     to get me through the fog
          of another day.

It's no sin to drink of
     those electric rivers,
          to sip the sounds
     of heaven that trickle down.

     I am moved.
          I too surge, flame, and die,
               leaving behind a pool of life
          for someone else to dive into.

A creative life's work that began with you...
     A connection forever etched in time...
          A very first touch that reaches me still...
     though the jolt of youth is clearly gone.

               Forever changed, still the same.

               Always grateful to wade in
          the same waters
     as you;

always better
     when you
          are here.

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