Good coffee, cheap pizza, and a great movie

It was a wonderful Sunday. A day off from work and a night to relax. We picked up some good coffee and a cheap pizza and watched a movie. The original "The Crazies." George Romero is a god among directors.

Smoked my last good cig from a flavored pack that's been discontinued. It was exquisite. (Everything in moderation is my motto, don't emulate my occasional smokes, kids!)

Tonight I feel grateful for quiet evenings with my love. Love may be harder to find in this world now, but it is worth the wait and worth the work. Never settle.

Tomorrow morning I'm back to work, writing articles, doing taxes, shipping packages, doing a couple of favors for family, and most importantly working on my book.

Goodnight loves, and thank you as always for your support and belief in me! If you're out there reading this, give me a shout out in the comments or on twitter at @poeticonic. Sweet dreams!

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