Torn Sky: A new poem about silent betrayal and conditional love

Photo: h.kopdelane/Flickr

Photo: h.kopdelane/Flickr

Torn Sky

The sky is torn and no one else realizes it.
Contrary to its immortal elegance,
an ill-shapen gash has made its appearance
between the ninth cloud and my residence.

Dirty truth spills from the split seam.
It's clear that nothing is as it's been.

Where summer sun once happily blinded me,
in dimness I now see disfigured beings.
I see the snakelike ugliness behind smiles;
smell the rot of death beneath these lives.

Betrayal tumbles with the acid rain.
No friend or lover will be the same.

The appraisals arrive on the angry wind.
They don't know I've heard; I'm silently singed.
I bathe in the dust, drink the sand, inhale the dusk.
I lose my sleep, surrender my health, rescind my trust.

Damage is lasting for the sky and this child.
The sun will still attempt to kill this cold.

Copyright © 2010 by Kelley Ann Hornyak. All rights reserved.

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