Welcoming 2010... Plans, action, and gratitude

2010 has officially begun, and I'm feeling the passage of time as always. I am even more aware of it because I have wasted so much of it, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that everything has unfurled in the way it was meant to.

I'm surrounded by good people now. I have been for a very long time, but you can be propped up by all the love in the world, and if you don't allow yourself to be supported by it, or even acknowledge that it's there... you will feel all alone. I know I'm not the only one who has isolated myself from the world. I know there are many of you reading this who have been in the same spot, maybe some that still are. There really is a light at the end of it, but nobody can carry you to it no matter how much they love you. You've got to open your eyes, stand up, and move.

I am pushing ahead with my plans to release my first poetry book in 2010. I've put this off for the longest time because I'm a perfectionist. But perfectionism is crippling. There are real people out there who are interested in my work, and it's time that I offer you something more. It's going to be a mammoth collection, comprising the best of the poetry that I've written in the last 15 years, plus maybe some photos and lyrics as well. I don't want it to be just any old poetry book that's good to read but boring to look at. My favorite poetry books are packed with photos and handwritten pages, and I plan to emulate some of that and put my own twist on it.

Following that, I'm committed to releasing my first EP right here before the end of the year, which also will be more than just your average collection of songs. Whether you go with the physical CD or the digital download, I will make sure that you get something special in those liner notes. I know what I like as a consumer of music--I'm always looking for the limited edition, the bonuses... and I expect that even the standard editions will be at least somewhat special! And I promise you'll never get less than that from me.

I've got a lot of things to balance this year, and I'm going to start writing every day about my progress. I've failed to keep myself accountable in recent years, but I know if I let you back into my world 24/7 (remember those days?), I'll be less likely to slip up and waste time. There is a LOT of work to do here. You guys deserve the best and you're not getting it right now. You've stuck with me for a very long time and I owe you my presence here. I miss the connection. I really love getting your comments, emails, and Twitter replies @poeticonic. They keep me going, so keep 'em coming! Stay in touch... and I promise this year to do the same!

Love you guys!
xo Kelley

Michael Jackson: I Knew Him Because He Was My Mirror

Michael Jackson: I Knew Him Because He Was My Mirror

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