Fresh Poetry: Nobody Abandoned Me

Here's something fresh for you guys--written just about an hour ago.

Check out that title--those of you who know me well will understand that this represents a significant change in my life. Abandonment issues, I officially kiss you goodbye.

Sometimes you just wake up and realize that your life has been about things that have nothing to do with you. That's where I am emotionally right now.

Enjoy, and please know that I am working hard on some very exciting things behind the scenes. Stay tuned for all of that...

Here's your poem... I really hope it strikes a chord with you.

* * *

Nobody Abandoned Me

Wishful when I
get close to that energy.
It enlivens me.

Tired of repeating words;
invoking the same phrases
to tell the same story
I've been telling
since time began.

Ego unconsciously clinging
to an identity of
pain and abandonment—
of “I am the victim.”

But nobody abandoned me.

Life happened
and death interrupted.
It was an event;
something to learn from
and move past.

But stuck I stayed,
caught on loose ends,
clawing for the connections
that I thought comprised
the totality of me.

Turns out—I am
an independent entity,
existing even without
a controversial history.

That is the definition
of irrelevancy.

When I wake tomorrow
I'll tell a present story,
dip into the current
and float there awhile.

Because not one moment
of yesterday defines me.
Circumstances unfold and fade.
No longer will they stay.

Caution: Wet Paint! Notice the new paint job around here?

A little stream-of-consciousness poetry (dreamstrong), inspired by the wonderful Sara Bareilles...