A little stream-of-consciousness poetry (dreamstrong), inspired by the wonderful Sara Bareilles...

I'm working late tonight, listening to Sara Bareilles (want to know how I remember to spell her last name? Bare + illest, minus the T... hahahaha... you gotta love it). I'm new to her, about halfway through her album right now, but any time I listen to good music, it gets me inspired and I start writing some of my own. I started hearing some lyrics in my head but it didn't have any verse-chorus pattern to it, so I knew it wanted to be a poem.

What came out of this impromptu writing session was a stream-of-consciousness poem that I'm calling dreamstrong. Thought I'd share it with you right away, no editing, no pretense... It is what it is. Enjoy, comments are appreciated... and stay tuned because I'll be posting some lyrics in just a couple of days...

* * *


Been feeling so creative,
blessed with breath again;
Like my skin's on fire...
Jolt of electric you.
If I could bottle you up
and drink you each day,
this is what I'd be like...
but I guess I've got to
make my own breeze
to settle in under my wings
and help me fly.
Don't take too long,
keep your dreams strong,
live for the moment,
they're telling me.
I live their words
but they only hear
what others say,
but anyway,
I know better than to listen
to the tales they are spinning.
Take one down,
put your heart in the pocket,
keep it a while,
then pass it around.
If you hide that precious water
it can never cleanse their sins.
Pick yourself up
and walk outside sometimes.
The sun will tan the hurt away
and remind you of
your best days.
There's a place you can go
when you feel like
you've hit your low,
and the top notes
will lift you
back towards
the ceiling
where you
Break it.
The glass.
Let it shatter,
let it crash.
Everybody will recover,
but you will always regret it
if you don't find out
what's past it.
Might lose it all,
but then again
what are we really living for?
It's about taking chances
and making the changes.
You get what you earn,
and you don't grow
if you don't get burned.
Keep loving
even when you can't see
through your tears.
One day you'll evaporate
along with sadness
splashing down your cheeks,
and when you do,
you'll clasp your hands
and say, "Thank God
I did not settle
for any less."

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