Excited about the new mailing list!

From what I can tell, nearly all current subscribers have been added flawlessly to the new mailing list! That means tonight you'll be receiving the beginning of this post via email, along with any other updates I post tonight. Should be pretty cool! :) I hope you like the layout that I put together, and I look forward to your comments.

There are only two of you who couldn't be added to the list, and I'm not sure exactly why--maybe you already have a FeedBlitz account and you have disabled the ability for newsletter owners to import your email addresses? In any case I emailed both of you privately and I'm sure we'll be able to straighten it out.

If any of you don't receive emails from the mailing list within the next 24 hours, that means there's a problem--so let me know at kelleyonline@gmail.com. Otherwise I hope you enjoy everything that's new, and thanks again for sticking with me for so long!

New poem coming up in a few hours! Stay tuned...

New poetry... The Longest Wake

In the studio, in my element...