Understanding and acceptance

I always remember my 7th grade social studies teacher telling us, "You don't have to understand things, but you do have to accept them," regarding other cultures and other viewpoints. I've carried that with me for close to 20 years, and I live by it.

I'm proud of the people that I have become close to over the years, both family and friends, and I especially feel that way because the majority of you are so open minded and open hearted, not just with me, but with everyone.

We all have our misconceptions and misunderstandings, but in general, extending love and charity to people in a world that is often labeled as being cold and heartless shows me that it's not so cold and heartless after all.

We are making a difference here with the love and compassion that we show and with the decisions that we make every day. We make a difference in our small way. I love you all. ❥

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