Imagine if more of us dared to change. My New Years resolutions and plans for 2011!

I love that the warm rain is washing away the snow on New Year's Eve. My wish for you is that 2011 will wash away regrets of years past and bring you joy! It's in our hands to make this our best year yet... and personally since I will be turning 30 in 2011, I aim to really make this my most spectacular year yet. I hope you will too.

People who say New Years resolutions never last are right only when it comes to their own! If you believe and take action, you can achieve. I'm looking so forward to the things that 2011 has in store... The screenplays, the book, and especially the album... Not a moment of the year will be wasted! And I'm going to be sharing it all with you right here in a bigger way than ever before.

My New Years resolution in a very general sense is to open my spirit to the good things that I have been resistant to! To believe in my dreams and take inspired action towards them daily. Specifically to restore my health and return to a healthy body, mind, and spirit! Small daily changes add up to enormous long term results.

I have very specific resolutions when it comes to this website and to the people who have continued to visit it for so many years. I'll zip my lips here out of respect for the element of surprise, but plan to come back here on January 31st for something brand new that will really make a lot of you very happy. <3

I believe in you and know that your New Years resolutions will bear fruit! If it was meaningful enough to dream it, it's worth making real. Imagine if no one ever dared to change. Then imagine if more of us dared to. Collectively we're somewhere in the middle, but if at least a few of us dream bigger than we ever have before, we can create the world that we have only seen in our dreams.

I believe in this so much. And I believe in you. Happy New Year 2011, and thank you for everything.

Love always,


I am thankful for you.