World Premiere Video: Lady Gaga's Alejandro (and my thoughts!)

Like everybody else, I'm glued to the computer screen watching the premiere of Lady Gaga's Alejandro video this afternoon... I don't think I've written much here about Gaga, but I've been a hardcore little monster since the 2009 VMA's performance. I had The Fame prior to that and loved it, but I didn't really get bitten until that night. Now I joke about my reverence to her, making the monster claw and showing my teeth when she comes on TV. :-) I bought The Fame Monster deluxe edition with the piece of her hair. Even our dog Jack has a little stuffed lamb toy that we named Lady Baa Baa. She's a flea bitch, baby.

But anyway, I'm writing this post as a quick stab at the meaning of the Alejandro video. I may be adept at crafting my own symbolic word puzzles, but I don't claim to be the genius who can unravel others' work. I'm a big fan of the way that George Romero's movies make a statement about consumerism, but until that was explained to me, I just loved the movies as a study in survival instinct. It's the same with Gaga. I think I get it, and then someone explains it to me, and I love it even more.

Sometimes I love my mistaken meanings even more than the real thing.

Check out the video and then my take on it will follow...


My interpretation of Gaga's new video is this... I see it as being simply broken down into a few words: "Love As War." We all participate in it, choreographed and commanded by Love herself. I see Gaga as representing Love, and the dancers representing us mere mortals who are soldiers for it. We fight for love, pushing for that one coveted heart, but there are always casualties. Alejandro met his fate, and eventually so does Love itself. Sacrificed for its own ideals.

What do you think? Am I way off with that? I'll post again in a few days after I've read some others' interpretations of it.

There's a lot of gender.... I want to say gender bending. Gender blurriness. Gender flipping. I don't know what the proper phrase is, and maybe all of them apply. But it's beautiful, because we live in this time when people are more free to explore their gender identity than ever before, and her art is representing that. This of course ties in perfectly with the Don't Ask, Don't Tell situation too. Soldiers in fishnet stockings and high heels... these are images that need to be seen and thought about. I grew up so uncomfortable with my sexuality. Artists like Gaga are instrumental in making sure that the kids today don't grow up feeling the way that I did. Not that this is necessarily a kid appropriate video...

But then that opens up the whole question of why American kids are exposed to a ridiculous amount of senseless violence, but they're "protected" from even the slightest mention of sex. If you're a parent, you might want to think twice about making sex more forbidden in your child's mind than murder. Just a thought.

Well, duty calls and this soldier of love has to get back out on the battlefield. Please comment below or on Twitter at @poeticonic if you agree or disagree with my ideas here! Wondering if you guys got the same things out of it that I did... I'll bet it's even deeper than what I thought, but I'm a child of pop music and I need the meanings spoon fed to me! I have no shame and I'll be a pop puppet until I die! :::makes monster claw::: xo

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