To Stand Bare: A poem about real, authentic, naked beauty

This one's from the archives, but it's new to you... Ironic because I am in fact rockin' the glittered eyelids today even though I'm just sitting at home working. But there's a difference between desperately covering up your perceived flaws and glamming it up because you feel good about yourself. The longer I am in the presence of real love, and surrounded by good people who aren't so superficial, the more I get confident and comfortable with who I am.

I took a lot of emotional damage back in the day, but the wounds that remain are a great catalyst for the writing that must be done... the poems and songs that will make up my official body of work. There's an underlying theme of healing in everything that I do, and it's my ultimate goal to get these messages to the people that need to hear them. Maybe you're one of them.

Photo: David Paul Ohmer/Flickr

Photo: David Paul Ohmer/Flickr

To Stand Bare

You are moist, dewy, shining like the sun.
Skin clean and free of foundations, powders,
concealers, bronzers... nothing to mask
the essential glow from within.
I noticed this long ago but I feared it.
I didn't have the confidence
to stand bare like you.
You don't swim with the school of fashion,
content in your nonconformity,
clueless as to how beautiful you are.
I admire you, the finished product.
I stand at your door,
wrapped in garments
a little too similar
to all the rest.
My shine is blotted out,
my lips an unnatural hue,
my eyelids glimmer disgustingly.
This is what I'm hiding beneath.

Copyright © 2011 by Kelley Ann Hornyak. All rights reserved.

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