New love poem... I Adore Us

For those who are as in love as I am, and for those who would wish to be... This is long overdue. Please enjoy.

I Adore Us

This glow
is the warmth of the sun
after the unkind storm.
You are what is needed,
what is sought after,
what is craved.

The miraculous can't hold a candle
to the magic that we create
within these modest walls.

The setting is unassuming.
The performance is sacred, elysian.

I am humbled in your gleam,
and illuminated in your shadow.

The tables are set. The stories are told.
The candles are extinguished.
The guests return home.

And we are left in exquisite solitude,
not as a lonely one, but as a perfectly paired two.

I adore this.
I adore us.

I am thankful that God gave us love.

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photo credit: |[ sykez ]| via flickr

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