Skyscraper... a poem for the dreamers

Skyscraper... a poem for the dreamers

A poem for the dreamers who know there are no limits to what you can achieve... that your roots go deep and your branches high... and that you are one of the redwoods whose needles touch the sky.


Begin at the hidden but unchallenged root
of the infinite cravings and exquisite knowledge,
where the branched origins dig deep into the earth.
Expose the throbbing, thirsting, downward-reaching spines
that traverse through nutrient-rich dirt
and weave through watery underground springs
where mermaids play girlish games and sing.
These regions are your creative source,
but not even close to the origin of origins.
They drink their energy from the core of the planet,
which pulses with life from places we cannot see.
Still, dig as deep as you can. Begin to understand.

Lift your attention to the growth above ground,
conscious of the wooden tendrils that twist above the clouds,
the bold branches and delicate budded tips that touch heaven.
Light the swaying yet so-strong treetop with your mind.
Feel it surge with bass and beats that shake the skies.
Hear the wind whistle through and sing with soaring strings.
Sense laughter in the leaves when fairies flirt with flower kings.
This is where you catch the willing melodies,
where the lyrics tangle themselves in dreamcatchers for you.
They need no trickery, they exist to fall for you
like you once did for the tallest trees with the deepest roots.
What you see now that you couldn't then:
One of those sky-scraping redwoods is you.

P.S. I'm tacking this message onto the very end for those who would read this far... this poem is for the dreamers, those who really understand my vision, whether you've known me since 1981, started reading my work in 2001, or just found your way here today. Length of time does not outweigh passion. If you get me, this is was created for you. I hope you love it as much as I do, and I hope you feel how grateful I am for your presence. xo ~Kelley

photo credit: Torley via flickr

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