Lyrics: On This Night Be Mine

I was going to share another poem today, but I thought instead I'd post some lyrics. Lyrics by nature aren't as pretty on the page as a poem is, but this is one song that is filled with a lot of vivid imagery and I think it reads almost as well as a poem would. It's also one of my favorite melodies that I've ever written, so I'm looking forward to sharing the finished product with you soon. I'm sure this will be one of the first songs you hear on the blog. Enjoy reading the lyrics, and stay tuned...

On This Night Be Mine
(K. Hornyak)

I didn't want to let you go babe
I held on til the curtain had to fall
The stars rained down into an iridescent sky
And I lay alone wondering why

I can't believe you're really gone now
Still struggling with how to set you free
My heart still beats for you and I as one
Can't help but question why it's not enough

'Cause baby I believed in you
So much I'd stake my life
On the crazy idea that you would still
On this night be mine
And baby I'd give anything
Even now to see those heavens align
And bring you back to me
On this night be mine

I wish I could still hold you close babe
I dream of days when you were my all
Remembering you and I chasing fireflies
I can still see us in the night

I know I've got to let you go now
But I'll still keep a part of you with me
Where the skies are turquoise, the clouds are shaped like love
And the ocean fades into the blue above


This is how a heart keeps breaking
Living the loss over and over again
I can't get over and I can't move on
So I'll keep telling you until the end


On this night be mine

photo credit: BL1961 on flickr

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