New Lyrics: Let Me Happen

I've been hinting at new lyrics, and here they are. The song is called Let Me Happen. These were inspired out of thin air the other night along with a really pretty melody, and I haven't been this in love with a set of my lyrics in quite a while.

These tell some universal truths about love and what it means to grow and change in a relationship. I've been in an on-and-off relationship for almost twelve years (now on for almost three and definitely "for good" if we have any say in it!)... So if there's one thing I have learned it's how to navigate the growth and change that you experience as individuals and as a couple.

Looking at spending a lifetime together, you have to be really confident in your ability to grow through the obstacles. It's not about defeating them or overcoming them as far as I'm concerned. It's about accepting and accommodating, learning to be more open to the new things that each year brings.

So that's what this song is about... I've been busy recording lately and I'm finally going to debut my music right here later this year—you never know, this track just might be the one. Enjoy... looking forward to your comments!

* * *

Let Me Happen

Love's not perfect
Nothing you find here
Will remain the same
We'll grow and change

I'm a work in progress
All that I say now
Will soon be rephrased
That's just the way

But love 101 said
Float with the tides
Listen to what she says
And don't ask why
Just trust
And understand that changing
Does not mean leaving

Let me happen
Let the ocean
Wear me away
What's authentic remains
Let me happen
Like the storms that sweep in
Some things you can't predict
Let me happen

Love's dynamic
What was static before
Can now change so much more
We'll flow and soar

I'm rearranging
I can no longer be
All that I once was
That girl got left in the dust

But the book of love says
To love each new thing
Embrace what she makes
And the shift each day brings
Just trust
And understand that losing
Does not mean grieving


Lying still isn't my nature
I am the creator
Of my future
And trying to keep quiet
I don't like it
And I can't lie it
Won't happen


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