New Poem: Pioneer Glow

More fresh poetry for you, hot off the BBQ grill. It's a short one--a nice mid-week snack for you. :) This one is built around some thoughts I was having last night while kicking back and watching YouTube videos of some of my musical influences. I'm going to leave this one nice and cryptic, just the way I like it. Draw your own conclusions, and apply it to your own experience if you can...

Pioneer Glow

Awkward moves I questioned;
wondered why those who did not reach
were the ones who tended to teach.

Realized in my solitude
that I was even more different
than I thought.

Glowing footsteps I followed;
emulated celebrated pioneers
to whom I was endeared.

Realized down those old paths
were the elusive answers
that I sought.

photo credit: kaktuslampa on flickr

If you liked it, I expect a shoutout in the comments below or on Twitter! (Just playing... if you like it, that's more than enough. But it *is* awesome to hear from you! lol)... Have an awesome Tuesday night!

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