Songwriting in high gear, reflecting on 2009 and forecasting what's next

I've written more songs in the last two months than I have in a year. I told you this BlackBerry would be good for me. ;) It's replaced my iPod and I'm listening to more music than ever. This will sound strange to you, but I've been avoiding listening to music for quite a while because it sparks my own ideas and I'm never ready to dive in and write. Now I'm always ready and always inspired. I've got the music, the notepad, the voice recorder, and even a piano app right here at my fingertips.

I've been itching to show you some of my newest lyrics, but knowing that I'll be putting some of these songs up for you in early 2010, I'm finding myself wanting to keep a little bit of the mystery under wraps. I want you to hear them, not read them. But I do want to give you a sneak peek at the titles of the songs that I've written in the last two months. Just some physical evidence of the creativity gods at work! Here they are...

Empty and Stealing From Me
Full Circle
Immortal Like You
Let Me Go
Not Who I Have Been
Sleeping Under the Stars
Strange Escape
Talking Heads
The Will to Thrive
This Time Forever
Work of Trickery/Counterfeit Masterpiece
You're No Hero

I've never felt as connected to the creative source as I do right now. My lyrics have veered from their former direction. They're still about growing and healing, but they're also about speaking personal truths and painting my own biographical musical mural...

I have real stories to tell. It's no longer about convincing the world that I am worthy of a chance. (I now know that I am, and I need no permission from anyone. Thank you to the ones who taught me that, in particular Ani and Miriam.) What my art is about now is expression and contributing something to the people who enjoy music.

I'm finding my identity again. And I'm finding so much of the old me in the new me. 2009 began with sadness but it soon brought love and liberation. I'm working on a lot behind the scenes right now, but the target for the beginning of the new, including music, is March 2010. So stay with me.
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Skyscraper... a poem for the dreamers