Janet Jackson and LL Cool J stood me up!

So, my girlfriend and I were supposed to be going to the Janet Jackson concert tomorrow night, but it turns out it just got postponed. I've actually seen Janet quite a few times so the reason we were going this particular time was to see the opening act, LL Cool J. Lisa's a huge fan and I figured it was about time she got to see him live! Well, now that the show is re-scheduled to October 28th, I'm not so sure that he'll still be the opening act. Sigh. Rumor has it that Celine Dion's crew can't get her stuff out of there fast enough for Janet's crew to set up. Who knows how much truth there is to that... Whatever the reason, I'm just bummed.

I'm actually sick right now so maybe it's better that I'm not dragging myself out of the house for a concert, but I was looking forward to it. It's funny... we went to a HIM concert in Detroit a couple of years ago and I was REALLY sick. I was determined to be a trooper though--I was not going to sit that show out! Well, I kept falling asleep throughout the show. I think I'm the only person who could fall asleep at a rock concert. Haha... :) Regardless it was an awesome show and even if I could re-do that night I still would not stay home!

Well, sick or not, I've got work that needs to be done this evening so I'd better get to it. I've got a new project coming up, still technically ghostwriting so I can't share too many details, but it's blogging (which I of course love) and it's something I'll really have to use my brain for, which I appreciate. That's coming up sometime in October if all goes according to plan. I'm a little behind schedule on one of my current projects thanks to two separate bouts with whatever this is--cold, flu, combination of the two? Who knows. What I do know is that it's almost invoice time and my bills must be paid, so Monday is going to be a madhouse around here. The weekend is off-limits though. I'm taking a breather because I really need it. And hopefully when I come out on the other side of this weekend, I'll be feeling brand new.

Hope you guys are all having a wonderful Friday... it feels good to be back in touch.

"I've Got Laryngitis!" No joke. I really do.

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