New Poem: If You Are Worth Loving

As promised, a fresh poem for you... Enjoy and please comment if you do!

* * *

If You Are Worth Loving

If you are worth loving,
you will not disappear when I need you the most.
That's been the theme. That's now my criteria.

When it rains, you seem taller; more protective.
You'll become my umbrella if there's no ceiling overhead.

I don't get lost in the fear that you might break me
when I'm at my most fragile, because even though you can,
I know with certainty you never would.

I am an integral, irreplacable part of your world,
but I'll never be the whole of it.
There are other people, other places, other passions
that fill your days and nights with faith and light.

When I am lost in myself, you talk me through it,
but you don't force me to seek the light that blinds me.
You take it slow and coax me out with understandng.

Most of all, when I choose to shine,
you don't block the spotlight
or shut your eyes.
You just smile in the glow
and fill with pride.

If you are worth loving,
this is why.

Janet Jackson and LL Cool J stood me up!

Returning with some soul searching