"I've Got Laryngitis!" No joke. I really do.

Do you want to know something funny? I've been pretty sick for the last week or so, probably tonsillitis... these babies need to come OUT according to my doctor, so at some point in the next year or so I'm probably going to have to go under the knife. That's not the funny part.

The funny part is that I lost my voice. I've got visions in my head of all the "I've got laryngitis" episodes of sitcoms I watched growing up. Maybe that's why I think it's funny. Ha. I'm actually afraid to laugh. I don't think it would come out, and it would probably hurt. But still. It's funny. :)

I'm about to make some tea and plug in my steam inhaler. (The tea is Throat Comfort by Yogi Tea for those who are curious... thank God for the miracle of slippery elm though I could use a 100 percent concentration of it right now.)

It's actually incredibly claustrophobic to be unable to speak. I had no plans to sing a single note today, but still I'm SO aware that I can't. The best song could come into my mind right now and I'd have to write it solely on the keyboard. At least I have that.

If there's a call-in contest on the radio or TV, that's not gonna happen. "Hello? Hello? Anybody there?" Click.

If I need to yell FIRE! or HELP!... forget about it.

And somehow... still funny! :-D

Remember when Mariah's The Emancipation of Mimi came out and it was called "The Return of The Voice"? Well, mine will return too. Just gotta keep that in mind because it is damn claustrophobic when your vocal cords go off duty!

Fresh poetry coming up mid-week, and something fun on Monday or Tuesday... stay tuned.

The Return of The Voice

Janet Jackson and LL Cool J stood me up!