Bright Yellow Love... a poem about parenthood inspired by another blogger

I've been reading a blog called But Wait, There's More! for about a week now, written by Shelley who I connected with via Twitter. She writes some amazing poetry herself, and she's also a loving parent who writes a lot about her daily life raising a child. She's got that magic touch that infuses her blog with her passion for life. It gave me a lot to think about this morning.

My partner and I talk about having kids a lot, but we're not ready financially, and I don't think I'm ready emotionally. I know that parenting is a very selfless thing. If you want to do it right, you've got to put yourself into it 100%. There are just a few things that I need to do before I can lose myself in the life of another, and I guess that's what the next few years will be about.

Reading about Shelley's child and the tremendous love she has for him inspired me to write this poem just about a half hour ago. I hope you all enjoy it. Here it is:

* * *

Bright Yellow Love

In this broken slice of a
tranquil blue-green morning,
bright yellow enthusiasm
leaps off of your words
like fire off the sun.

It explodes,
falls back into itself,
and erupts with passion
again and again.

This is your love.

You raise him
with selfless smiles
of devotion.

Pure in heart,
no hidden motive.
Nothing to gain,
but everything
to give.

And as I watch you,
you live and breathe
so naturally
in the space
of parenthood.

I know that
it will be a while
before I can do
the same.

I don't have it to give,
because I haven't invested
in my own soul yet.

My own passion
has been flung wildly
from affection
to affection,
to obsession.

If I want to
one day
lose myself
in the life of
my child,
I have to
find myself

I will observe
and one day
but today
I explore
and wait.

Drive—a poem previously published on the now defunct online literary journal, andwerve

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