Another poem from 2006: Under Luna

I'm going to be away for the weekend, but I'm excited about the new blog layout and I wanted to post another poem really quickly before I go! I was really shocked when I turned the labels/categories on and saw that my "my life" posts outnumbered my "poems" posts by so much!

I want to give you a lot more of what you're supporting me for. (Poetry!!!!! and of course music too, very soon. I promise!) So here goes... This one's called Under Luna, and it's also from 2006. Please comment if you enjoy it...

Under Luna

Walking between the
sound of rainfall and
soft laughter, I slip
through my sleepy
solitude and find a
clearing to rest in.

There are soft grasses
and warm rocks to press
my chilled skin against.

The stored sunlight
toasts my cold core,
though it is dark
beneath the moon now,
and a smile gently finds
my lips. I am
replenished, and ready
to continue my life's

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