A new poem: Eight Thousand Days

This poem, Eight Thousand Days, was written in 2006 and is from a forthcoming book tentatively titled The Bridge. Enjoy the new poetry... and please leave a comment, or more importantly join the mailing list!

Eight Thousand Days

There is a pervasive sadness
in the constant seeking.

Like a lonely red ball,
rolling and bumping its way
down rainy cobblestone streets,
splashing in and out of cold puddles,
searching for the child who once
bounced it on sunny pavement.

I wanted the past
to return and comfort me,
to be reborn as a perfect future,
to answer the questions
and validate me.

Neither past nor future
moved to paint the theme.
The present kept its ancient hold,
and I learned to love its embrace.
I found constancy in the way
she always changes.

Today is beautiful.
I wish I had realized it
eight thousand days ago.

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