An Impromptu Late Night Blog Post

It's 2:28 A.M. right now and I am just about to call it a night. I was sitting here in my comfy office chair, leaned back, legs propped up, stereo headphones on, listening to a podcast... and suddenly our kitten Murphy jumped right onto my chest and snuggled in for an impromptu late night cuddle-fest. :)

I was petting him and nuzzling his cute little face, and he was purring so loudly you could probably hear him from the next room. Cat lovers will know what I mean when I say that he was "making muffins." It was just the sweetest little solitary moment in my day--and it really made me stop to appreciate the simple things.

The love we receive from our pets is so unconditional (hopefully the love we give them is unconditional too!). If our relationships with the people in our lives were more like this--a little more giving, a little more loving, a lot less demanding--our days here would be so much more liveable. More enjoyable. More fulfilling...

These are just my thoughts on a late Monday night. It's been a while since I've posted here, and even longer since I have been in close contact with you guys. Some of you have been with me since 2001 when I launched my first website--and you are on my mind as I write this. The new website is coming along pretty well, and I'm committed to a March 2007 premiere--less than a month away. Stay tuned...

And please be sure to give the things I mentioned in this blog post a little bit of thought. Just taking a moment from your day to slow down and be grateful can relieve some of that stress... Sending love your way, and much gratitude for reading my blog! :)


P.S. The podcast I was listening to before Murphy attacked me with a case of the cuddles was about fulfillment, contribution, and gratitude. Go figure.

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