They sent me two dozen roses!

Hi again! In my last blog post I told you that I've been writing a buyers guide for Organic Bouquet. I know most of you are here for my poetry, not for my copywriting, but it's still one of the most exciting projects I have ever worked on, and you know I like to share all of the aspects of my life here with you. I'm passionate about this company because I believe in an organic lifestyle (though I may not always live one!) and I care about the environment.

I've written hundreds of letters over the years to my senators and other government officials about many different environmental issues, from artic drilling to endangered animal protection and pollution. This is something that has always been important to me--and now to help promote naturally organic flowers that are good for your health and for the environment--well, let's just say this freelance work is a perfect fit.

Right now I'm working on articles about the dozens of charitable organizations that Organic Bouquet partners with, such as Amnesty International, The Nature Conservancy, and the Breast Cancer Fund. This is work that I can feel good about, and I'm happy to tell you guys about it!

If you're planning to purchase flowers any time soon (Valentine's Day is almost here!), I can personally recommend Organic Bouquet. I purchased a Peppermint Swirl bouquet for my mother and uncle for Christmas, and they also sent me two bouquets of two dozen roses (white and orange bliss!) as a thank you for the work that I have done.

The photos you see scattered throughout this blog entry are the bouquets that were sent to me. I just received the orange roses this past Saturday, and I must admit that was actually the point of this blog entry. I just had to show you how beautiful they were! It's wonderful to know that my work is appreciated by my clients, and having these beautiful orange blooms filling the room with light and warmth isn't half bad either!

The solo shot of the orange rose (to your left, click it for a larger view!) was taken by my girlfriend, Lisa Mendez. There are no filters on that and no Photoshop retouching--that's just her natural photographic talent. I had to share that one because I'm really in awe of it. Let's keep our fingers crossed that she'll put up a website in 2007--she's an aspiring photographer and I know you guys would really love her work. I'm planning to feature some of her photographs in my upcoming poetry books as well. That will be coming up sooner than you think, so stay tuned!

This week I'll be busy working for Organic Bouquet, working on the new HTML for this website, and doing a couple of projects for other clients as well. That's all the news for now... I hope you have an excellent week, and please do leave a comment if you have read this far! I'd love to hear from you! (((HUGS)))



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