Gratitude... A Personal Post

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone, and most of all to my girlfriend Lisa. :) I'm feeling very grateful right now and I just wanted to say it out loud--or type it anyway. It's been a good year. 2007 is off to a nice start. Valentine's Day is now a time to celebrate instead of a time to wonder if I'll ever have someone who understands me, who loves me, who honestly has an appetite for the kind of person I am and the love I bring to a relationship.

I had a lot of issues to sort out for a very long time, and for many MANY years I took it out on my wonderful girlfriend, while denying that she was my girlfriend at all... But she had patience with me, she never stopped loving me--and I am 100% wholeheartedly committed to her today. I look at her and I see the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. I imagine having our own home, raising children together, growing old together... and it's a beautiful picture. I don't fear that committment anymore--instead I crave it. Deciding to open myself up to this woman has been the best decision I have ever made... and possibly one of the first decisions I have ever made, since I let other people dictate what my life should be for so long. Well, no longer. That bird has flown.

I hope everyone who is reading this has an incredibly beautiful Valentine's Day. Me? I had to work, I had to pick up my truck and try to drive it through all these mountains of snow, and it wasn't the picture-perfect V-Day that we're all so obsessed with achieving... Instead it's about coming home to this girl who makes me smile. It's about opening up a bottle of cheap wine and toasting to a year that will be more prosperous than the last. It's about watching Employee of the Month and Step Up on DVD, and appreciating the fact that I have someone to rent movies and snuggle with. I can't take that for granted anymore. I love this girl.

Thanks for listening to my thoughts... and Happy Valentine's Day!! :)

Love & Candy Hearts,

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