Quick update and new poetry: Breakfast With Aphrodite

It's been too long since I have posted! Let's see if I can do a quick re-cap of what has happened since I wrote last...

My partner and I both had wonderful 26th birthdays (we were born 8 days apart so this is always a fun time of year for us). I've been working hard at my "day job" (ghostwriting and copywriting), signing new contracts with a couple of my best clients. And I'm battling a sore throat today. That means lots of tea for me. More than usual! :) I guess that's about it!

So now that's out of the way. Here's what you really want to read--a new poem that couldn't have been written from outside the lucky safety net of love... Enjoy Breakfast with Aphrodite!

* * *

Breakfast with Aphrodite

This is euphoria,
a place I belong.
Aphrodite and I
eating breakfast
in our warm bed.
An escape artist
other than me
dangles defiantly
between this world
and the next.
We laugh.
The joke's on us,
but it's beautiful.
A letter arrives,
"You got the job."
Bills get paid and
I'm speechless
with gratitude.
Another month
with a roof over
our silly heads.
The newspaper
tells me where
I'll find success,
both astrological and
business sectional.
The forecast says
it'll be a clear day, but
storms are waiting.
We'll be ready.

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