A Love Poem: Kiss You Hello

Today is the 11th anniversary of when Lisa and I first got together. All I can say is--time flies! This special evening is flying by too, and it's time to celebrate! So I'll be quick: Here's the poem. Enjoy--and I love you, Lisa!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

* * *

Kiss You Hello

I want to see you radiant,
sun splashed in your hair,
skin dewy as morning.

I want to hear you sing,
notes of heaven in the air.

I want to touch your hand,
and feel your hand touch mine.

I want to know your love,
and show that open
does not mean broken.

I want to cherish your spirit,
your female warrior
and your little girl

I longed to know this state,
to touch it and keep it
and know it intimately.

And now I taste love,
every day when I wake
and kiss you hello.

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