We Should All Have Compassion: My response to the roar of gossip over Whitney Houston's O2 performance

I just finished watching the videos of Whitney Houston's performance at the O2 last night, after hearing the rumble across the internet about her voice being "torn to shreds." I read several articles that were unbelievably harsh, and I just have a few things to say.

To those who speak badly of Whitney today... Try being in her shoes in those moments. You'd have crumbled under that pressure. She's been through so much. To even attempt this tour is admirable.

People speak as if she owes them something. If you want your money back, get it back. But don't throw more negative energy at a human being who is trying.

 Keep in mind that your favorite "artists" lip sync DAILY. Whitney valiantly TRIED and didn't fake it though she could have.

It's impossible to know whether she's attempted this tour out of the desires of her own heart or for the demands of those who will profit. I'm sure, as with all artists, she's been taken advantage of and money is owed. They're cracking that whip and most of us would just break.

The record label, the promoters, the venue, the audience... It's a lot of pressure on someone who probably isn't prepared for any of it. And sadly, worst of all, most of the people in that arena probably wanted to see her fail. Bought tickets hoping to see a train wreck.

I'm not one of those rabid fans who will fight to the death to defend her. I just saw all these malicious comments and it bothered me. I wouldn't have half the vocal skills I do if it weren't for that woman and the things that she taught me. So I'm going to applaud her even while the world tears her down.

We should all have compassion. That's all I have to say.  

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