Whitney Houston: What I See

I haven't listened to Whitney's new album yet though I do have it, nor have I watched her Oprah interview though the first part is waiting for me on the DVR and the second part will be recording later today. But I just watched the video for I Look To You.

While I'm not sure that the song itself is quite worthy of her, though I do think it's beautiful... and the video is simple and classy... What I believe I see in the video is a humble and spiritual woman who knows that she's just the vessel for that voice that could only come from some higher power. I see appreciation and surrender. The excerpts that I've read from Oprah tell me that she understands the meaning of the things she has been through in the last 20 years and that she's grown from it.

Beginning with You Give Good Love, the first single of hers that I was aware of back in 1985, Whitney was one of those in a select group of artists who taught me how to sing. That humble young girl named Whitney with the BIG voice is who I know her as--not as the untouchable Whitney Houston who killed it in The Bodyguard, though she could do no wrong in my eyes at that time either! I watched that movie at least 30 times in the first couple of years after it came out. But anyway, in the last week I have seen both the Madonna I cherish and the Whitney I cherish, and after a summer in which we lost Michael Jackson, these two influences have been a much-needed balm for my soul.

Check out the video below...


Check out Whitney Houston’s brand new video for her song, “I Look To You”. Her new album (by the same title) is currently sitting at #1 on the Billboard charts. Word is she sold 300,000+ albums the first week.
source: http://concreteloop.com/2009/09/music-video-whitney-houston-i-look-to-you

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