8 Random Facts About Me

I got tagged by one of my favorite bloggers (Catatonic Kid, a.k.a. CK), so I must obey! In lieu of a new poem (it's been a dry week other than the rain), here are are eight random facts about yours truly...

  1. I find wristbones and wrinkles very attractive.
  2. I still can't stop biting my nails.
  3. I'm a little bit obsessed with Haagen Dazs Green Tea ice cream, and it's limited edition. Sigh. And Starbucks' Iced Green Tea Lattes. And green tea flavored toothpaste. OK I guess I'm a little obsessed with green tea in general!
  4. I'm going to drop $300 for a 5 Star VIP ticket to the NKOTB concert at The Palace of Auburn Hills on October 25th--and I think it's worth much more than that. ☺
  5. I change my desktop wallpaper daily, and I have a hard time getting to work if I'm not feeling inspired by the wallpaper I picked. Seriously. I need help. LOL...
  6. I've been with my partner for almost twelve years, and most of our family members have no idea that we're even a couple. I envy straight people because they never have to come out. They just are.
  7. My fear of success is more debilitating than my fear of failure.
  8. I HATE the phone. I'll take face-to-face or emails over phone conversations any day. I didn't hate it as much when we all had landlines, but nowadays nobody does, so it's all fuzzy and dropped calls... It's just annoying. Don't call me. Just email me. lol
Boring facts? Pretty much. But that's what came to mind! OK, I'm tagging these people next:

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Hopefully they'll have more interesting facts than I do! ☺

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