Drive—a poem previously published on the now defunct online literary journal, andwerve

Friday's almost over and I didn't want to let the day get away from me without posting something new here on the blog. I'm on our laptop and unable to access most of my recent work. Instead I thought I'd share something previously published on the now defunct online literary journal andwerve. I got a lot of good feedback on this one, so I hope you'll enjoy it too. I'd just link to it if it still existed, but since it doesn't, here it is...

* * *


Coffee crept up my spine, so sleepy,
infusing my eyes with strength to pop open,
and if I was lucky, they'd stay that way.
I gave it fifty/fifty.
Half past, I climbed into my steel seclusion, 
ripped the solitude I needed
from the lines slashed across the road.
Antenna imperceptibly bobbed
to the beat of saccharine;
sugar sweet melody clouded my frowning eyes,
guided the wheels to a place I should not have gone. 
I reached for a tissue; found you.

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