Laziness and Landfills

This is a completely random blog post that has nothing to do with writing or passion--if you're looking for the "Passion & Creativity" post, it's below this one! :)

Anyway, today my big project was cleaning out my office, because it is a wreck. My desktop is always nice and clean, but behind me I've got a shelf full of junk, a clothes basket full of stuff that I never unpacked when we moved back in April (scary!), and of course my desk drawers were obscene. I mean WHY do we stuff things into drawers? It's stupid.

My POINT though, is this: I've always been very into the environment. I'm the type that picks up litter from the parking lot on my way into a store so I can shove it in the trash cans by the door. This embarrasses my signifcant other, but hey, Mother Earth comes first. Haha... Anyway I recycle everything that I possibly can. I've been doing this since I was 8 or 9 years old and it's second nature for me now. BUT...

I have gotten into the bad habit of just tossing paper into the trash. Junk mail, receipts, whatever. It's out of sheer laziness, because each time I actually think to myself, "I should recycle this," but I'm too lazy to get up and put it in the recycling bin. That's ridiculous. After cleaning out my office today, I had an overflowing trash can. I decided to go grab a paper bag to put the papers in, and I set to work going through the trash, taking out all the papers, sticking them in the bag...

Well, I transformed that overflowing trash can into an almost empty one. ALMOST EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF TRASH WAS PAPER. Notes, newspaper articles, junk mail, receipts, catalogs, magazines, etc. All of that would have gone into the landfills instead of being recycled and used again. That's mindblowing to me. To think of how many times I have done this in the last couple of years since I started getting lazy about it!

I already keep a paper bag next to our kitchen trash can so that it's convenient to throw empty water bottles into it for recycling--so now I'm going to keep a paper bag next to my office trash can so that papers can go immediately into it. It's not so much changing my lazy ways, but circumventing them. :) But the end result is good.

RECYCLE, people!!! That's all I have to say. :)


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