An update on our beagle, Jack

A bit of bad news about our boy Jack. We took him to the vet today for a bladder ultrasound and he does have a tumor that may or may not be cancerous. We do not want to do anything invasive or that will cause him any discomfort, so they are just giving him a daily pill that will keep the tumor from growing and will possibly shrink it.

The vet said that it's very possible that the tumor will not affect his quality of life at all since he is already almost 16 and the pills can control it for a few years. He has no symptoms and we wouldn't even have known about this without the urine tests and ultrasound, so we feel comfortable just keeping him comfortable and happy.

All in all, he is still doing exceptionally well for being the equivalent of a 90-year-old human! Feeling beyond blessed to have had him healthy for this long, and hoping that he gets to live out the rest of his years in the same way without any pain or discomfort.

Jack at the vet.

Jack at the vet.

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