Illegal Alien / Pearls Before Swine

I was a weak thing, a child of not much confidence.
I wanted so badly to learn a thing or two.
To learn everything, really, between the earth and the moon.
I knew my dreams were safe within the confines of my own breast,
like the heart, meant to be hidden,
beating hard but shielded
from light, air, and human stares.
I felt so fragile. I was so strong.
So quiet but so full of song.

But you see, when I felt loved and safe,
I still knew to protect my gifts
beneath my wings.
Later when I learned that love was not for me,
that unconditional was a conditional dream,
I cut open my ribs and I let that beast sing,
and the monsters bludgeoned that love-starved thing.

Pearls before swine.
But no one taught me these things.

I was sheltered and/or spoiled
depending on who you talk to.
In fact, those are compliments
compared to the venom they now spew.
But I wouldn't trade that innocence
for their pre-pubescent jadedness
or their slow descent into madness.

I'm a bit more street smart, yes.
But I will not bend
or consent
to citizenship in their world.
I am an illegal alien,
a temporary traveler,
just passing through
to learn that thing or two
between the earth and the moon.


Clarity on Life, Creativity on Pause

Clarity on Life, Creativity on Pause