Recollections/Destiny on Fire - NaPoWriMo, Day 12

We walk through doors and into shops
that have had so many incarnations
as the times have changed.
I have had eons of recollections
just sitting right here waiting
and now I have recollections
of those recollections
and on and on
and on.

I have aged
as surely as they said I would
and I have had regrets
but fewer than they predicted.

Those of us who are lost in our heads,
who cruise down mostly cerebral avenues
make less life-shaking mistakes
because we know ourselves so well
and we know before it happens
that it's going to hurt like hell.
We know when it is worth it
and when it's best to stay in our shells.

A familiar song comes on in this shop
and the vibes of salt lamps and incense
make me receptive to the lyrics and message.
The time in which it was a hit
was one of potential, of reflectiveness,
and I miss it.
I miss that moment of pause
when a few different decisions
would have solved things that much sooner.
When the world was on that glimmering platter
and I could shake some sense into myself
to make it matter.

But here we are.
We made it anyway.
Smiles flit between our faces
and love flies between us.
We are sometimes broken and tired,
but not tonight.
Tonight we are a memory in the making.
Tonight we are destiny on fire.

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