Your Sky, Your Earth... a poem focused on a more spiritual facet of Earth Day

I went through my old manuscripts today to find a poem to share for Earth Day. I'm all about recycling, saving electricity, and all of that--I've been celebrating Earth Day since 1990 and my friends will back me up when I say that I try to make it an everyday thing rather than a once a year thing! My Uncle John and I used to go to the recycling center every two weeks way back before curbside recycling became the norm here in Allen Park. So my passion for the environment began very early. But this poem is less about living green and more about just taking the time to appreciate the mind blowing creation that is Mother Earth. It's kind of a love note to God... a grateful free-flowing paragraph of a poem. Enjoy, and happy Earth Day!

Your Sky, Your Earth

Do you understand how beautiful this world you created is? Do you personally feel the joy I touch when I look at your sky every day? When I sip the tea that's made from leaves from a far away land, which grew in soil that you made moist, that was caressed by the warm sun and the cool winds, by your very breath? Do you witness the significance of all of this, and break me down into such steps of beauty too? I sense your omnipotent omnipresent focus, and I press my gaze on you.

photo credit: Renneville on flickr

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