Poem: Loving the Broken Half of Me

I am going through a very painful breakup right now. I'm always very open about my life here on my blog, but this is too private and painful to trivialize by making it into just another blog post. I haven't been able to write a new poem that expresses what I am feeling right now; it's too fresh, too confusing. But I found this one that I wrote at least a couple of years ago that seems to say it all quite well...

* * *

Loving the Broken Half of Me

I hope you keep in mind
when you're screaming at me
that I am still a broken little girl,
that my inner world has not grown,
has not changed, is still in infinite pain.

I hope you remember this
when we're careening down
those too familiar avenues,
when it all falls apart.

Because this time may be the last time,
this time may be the thing that saves us.
It may be the thing that breaks us.
But we have to take that chance,
or we will break anyway.

I love you far too much
to let you love
a broken half of me.

If you are the one,
you will get
every bit—
but I ask for your patience
while I find it.

Morning Came Without You, poem for Shirley Ann Mendez

The fear that keeps me from learning