Grateful for love

I'm so happy that I found the love of my life at a young age. I'm too old fashioned to date in today's world. People are too sleazy for me. There's a big difference between being in touch with your sexuality and being obsessed with sex in a shallow way. Too many today are the latter.

I think it would be hard to have a connection with anyone from my generation other than the goddess who is laying next to me in this bed. She cares; things matter. I see such a lack of compassion from other people lately. I wouldn't be motivated to find love again if I lost her.

The only other love of my life is the music. And if it weren't for her that would be my ONLY love. She saved me from permanent solitude.

Today I am grateful for love.

Happy Thanksgiving!

A photo gallery at last! And some more gratitude for loved ones and good times...