New Poetry: Shadows of the Creek

Shadows of the Creek is about the trek through our lives, the falls that we take, the scars we end up with, and the ultimate realization that the mistakes are the point of it all! We try so hard to avoid those imperfect choices, but those moments are the ones that we learn from the most. I hope you enjoy this one... thank you for your support as always, and please don't forget to join the mailing list for updates if you haven't yet!

* * *

Shadows of the Creek

A lapse in judgment,
a sacrifice in the name of what could be.
I try to tread on the rough, sturdy stones
but sometimes I slip on the slick, smooth ones.
The rain falls and the current crashes, splashes,
hitting me hard and knocking me back.
As I stand again, humbled again,
I remember again, I am only human.

A scratch here, a scar there;
Like a checklist of faults
to return to and fix.
I promise myself tonight
to come back one day
and make it right.

I keep stepping across
the river stones,
stopping now and then
to brush the small, sharp rocks
out of the cuts on my knees.

Each imperfect try
marks a chapter of my life.

Still I smile
in the shadows
of the creek—
with tears on my cheeks
and mud on my jeans—
because I am the creation
these mistakes make complete.

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