Poem: To Change the Course I Chose to Take

This one's been sitting in the queue for a while now waiting to be shared... Hope someone out there enjoys it, and if it's you, please let me know. :)

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To Change the Course I Chose to Take

So this is where I feel the shame. The stunted wins of halfhearted games; the sour sting of heavyhanded blame. I deserve the hard lashes. I accept the sharp pain.

Yours is the heart that I covet. Glowing respect for promises I kept; not regret for what I haven't done yet. I still long for you, bashful. I receive rejection.

I learned so much then turned away. The graceful way that you saunter then sway; emulating your style to fade away. I called for something lasting. I accept three short days.

Now all we have is this moment. Not enough to make world-shifting attempts; but maybe enough to make one dent. At last I am accountable. Ready to choose once again.

A Life Scattered Along Dusty Roads and City Lights: In Loving Memory of a Dear Friend, Christy Kopacz Hayes (1967-2008)

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