Tonight's poetry fix... A new poem called Naked...

I wanted to update the blog tonight... I wanted to sit here with my fingers clacking away at the keyboard of my girlfriend's laptop... It clicks and clacks so much more satisfyingly than mine does! :) Mine actually squeaks when I type. No wonder I avoid work. LOL...

I couldn't think of much to write about, but then some words found their way into my brain. Poetry as usual! This was a quick three minute rush of words, unedited, unfixed, imperfect and hopefully beautiful that way. It's dedicated to the women out there who live fiercely, truthfully, and without shame. I hope you love it... It's called...


like a naked sentence.
Like our feelings
without the disgusting
Like a creature
of nature
unbound by
Rules and lies
made up to keep us
quiet... safe... scared.
My drugged brain
still stands and salutes
when you walk
into the room,
because instinctively
I know that you are truth.
This is sensuality,
the brutality of a life
without dishonesty.
I could never be
as open
as you.
But inspired?
You wake me up
and set me ablaze.

6000 Poetry Lovers Can't Be Wrong! ;)

Fire in the Sky. Literally.