Early Departure: a poem I wrote tonight

Heavy greyness coats this day,
halfway between brightness and shadows.
It falls on the city like your moods once did.
They are moods I miss as I plot my life,
taking step after step without you.
Your absence has given my life more meaning;
a reason to look above and believe
that there is a place where you still live and breathe,
albeit in a different kind of way, I'm sure.
But I can't help the feeling
that your presence would have blessed me
just a bit more than your early departure.
Isn't it funny how you can watch something happening
and not understand it until later?
Despite that silhouette of questions unanswered,
I am blanketed in soft clouds of comfort,
knowing that you left a heartbreaking life behind,
moving on to a place where you understand the reasons why.
You deserve that peace and to hear what's true:
That I love you more than you ever knew.

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